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Is It Even Possible To Break the Cycle of ‘Business-Like' Communication in Your Marriage?

Husband and wife talking openly and honestly

Over time, communication can break down in a marriage…

Instead of being personal, full of feeling and all about enhancing our connection to each other…

It peters out to only include the necessary day to day stuff

  • Reminders about errands
  • Divvying up chores
  • Planning for responsibilities

And instead of both partners feeling loved, they feel taken for granted

The truth is that talking like this can make your committed relationship feel more like a convenient partnership than anything else

Like all the feeling and desire has fizzled out…

But isn't this just the way all marriages are?

Isn't getting to this stage inevitable because of our busy lives and responsibilities?

The truth is that you used to make time for each other before

But now the newness has well untruly warn off, and expectations have taken over

You feel like he's not romantically engaged anymore. He feels like he is being taken for granted

The hack anyone can do to break the cycle of ‘business-like' communication in a marriage

The truth is that women in successful marriages know how to keep the connection with their husbands alive

Through little tricks that they use

And they are like ‘tricks'. They don't take very long to do and their impact can feel magical

And they are easier to do than you think

What if I told you…

You could cut straight through to him…

And remind him of the happiness you used to share… even when he's not in the room

You can even get him thinking about you when you know he is preoccupied with something else

What i'm about to share with you is the best first step in reviving your the relationship

There's no confrontation, and it's simple to do

All the details are in this short video


Watch the video here

It's the way that I recommend to first break the ‘business-like' communication in a long-term relationship, reignite his desire and get the feelings back between the both of you

He will thank you for it

All the best,

– Randy

P.S. – Take 3 mins out of your day to watch the video. You'll know if it can help you within those three minutes. I understand that your time is valuable.

P.P.S – Send me an email to let me know how you get on. I can't wait to hear your success story!