How to Get Your Husband to Notice You Again

How to get your husband to notice you again - husband looking at wife in kitchen

EVERYONE ELSE SEEMS TO BE GETTING the best of him, except you…

When you first met and got married there seemed no end to the amount of attention he gave you. Years later, you feel neglected.

How did you get to be the invisible wife?

Before we come to the solution, it is essential to explore the reasons why your husband has distanced himself from you:

Why your husband may have stopped noticing you

  1. He is distracted. There are many things that your husband may be preoccupied with to the extent of becoming oblivious to your presence. Is your Husband:
    • Anxious about his health?
    • Feeling some extra stress from the workplace, which is soaking up all his attention?
    • Obsessed with a particular hobby or activity?
  2. He is taking you for granted. It is possible that after years of being together, your husband loves you and really cares about you, but he has just become lazy about showing you how important you are to him.
  3. Your husband’s expectations for marriage are not being met. While this may be difficult to hear, it is possible that your husband is unhappy with your relationship. If your husband feels that his emotional and physical needs are not being fulfilled, it is no wonder he has pulled away

How to get your husband to notice you again

You want to feel that you are the centre of your husband’s world, and you deserve it. The good news is that you can retain the spark in your bond for a long time. However, it is not without effort.

1. Respect him like a King

  • Have you been a diva, disrespecting your husband in the process?
  • Have you take out your frustrations on your husband in public?
  • Do you try to control him and/or micro-manage him?

These points (and ones like these) can drive even the most patient man away.

Your husband needs to know that you respect him; and that you value and admire him. The most sure fire way to lose your man is to make him feel consistently disrespected. Alternatively, you will easily win back your husband’s attention if you look for ways you can show him respect.

Be attentive to your husband when he talks. When your husband is talking to you, give him your full attention: put your phone down, mute the T.V, stop whatever you are doing and listen. Always express your appreciation for everything that your husband does for you.

Do not put your husband down and do not make fun of him in front of others. Also, never speak ill of your husband to other people.

Always respect his intentions and efforts and put your questions and criticism positively.

2. Rekindle the romance

Many problems in a relationship start in the bedroom. How frequent is your sex? Does your husband feel desired?

  • Seduce your husband and bring back the romance to your marriage.
  • Arrange to send the kids away for the weekend or night and enjoy the freedom of being as creative as you like.
  • Wear that sexy lingerie

There are plenty of ways to seduce your husband, and you don’t even have to overthink. The most important thing is to put in the effort. Your husband will see it, and he will surely reciprocate.

3. Touch your husband more

Touching is a vital ingredient in maintaining physical affection in a relationship. When the touch is missing, the marriage begins to feel too much like a friendship, which is precisely what you do not want to happen.


  • reates emotional intimacy in your relationship.
  • Makes partners feel safe
  • Builds trust
  • Creates feelings of love, compassion and reward

The non-sexual touch between you and your husband will lead to greater sexual intimacy, and your husband will never be able to resist you. What’s more, touch leads to more touching and the desire to be touched even more.

Touch him more. Touch him regularly

4. Let your husband chase you again

Marital experts have emphasized often enough that men have a natural urge to hunt. They like the excitement of the chase. Have you been providing him with the opportunity to chase you? The more you chase him, the more he will fight to get away; the harder you squeeze, the harder he will wiggle to get away.

Find a way to give your husband some space: Go out of town for the weekend, or pull back and give him a breather. Just get a life. Do you remember all the fun things you used to do before you got married? Start doing them again. Give your husband the space to miss you and chase you.

5. Use Your words

Words are powerful: they can be a dangerous weapon in your relationship, but they also have the creative power to heal.

You are part of the creator of the reality in your relationship. If you are always criticizing your husband, you are not only driving him further away but also affirming the outcome that you do not want, ‘You never pay attention to me, you no longer care about me …' You are not only wounding your husband but also speaking death into your relationship.

You readily encourage and compliment your children. Why is it so hard to do the same for your husband? Intentionally see good things in him, appreciate him and be thankful for the ways he adds to your life.

Saying things like, ‘I appreciate you giving me so much attention, I love how you are attentive to me' will give you a much better outcome.

In Summary

Something needs to happen for you to realize the relationship that you desire

Do you want your husband to notice you? Notice him. Inspire him. Motivate him. You will create the husband you want and the relationship you long for.